Sikh Wedding Cards

Sikh Wedding Cards

We offer a variety of designs and patterns for Sikh wedding cards. Each of these unique patterns reflects the joy and romance of the event. A variety of sizes and shapes are available. Make your choice from the many choices on offer.

We offer a variety of Sikh wedding cards that are cost-effective and come in a variety of styles. Sikhs are known for their colourful celebrations and joy, and the same spirit permeates their wedding ceremony. Usually, Sikh marriage ceremonies take place in the morning, followed by a langar or formal lunch.

Wedding invitations form a crucial segment in all Sikh weddings and are used to invite relatives and guests to the blissful union of the groom and the bride. The term Anand Karaj which means joyful union of two families is acknowledged as a crucial event in the life of all Sikh people. The invitations are designed in a way that shows off the vibrant culture of Sikhism and serves as a medium for inviting guests and relatives from both families.

How you choose to word your invitation card is one of the most important aspects. To express how special this wedding day is for you, you want each guest to feel welcomed and appreciated for celebrating with you and blessing the newlyweds. Wordings can begin at the top with a phrase or couplet from the guru Granth Sahib. After this, you can present quotes or lines from poems that you liked or believed represented the emotions perfectly. In addition, the bride and groom’s parents can be introduced. Other wordings and matter could include details of the ceremony, the address, date, venue and the RSVP section, all to be written very clearly.

We have a wide range of wedding stationery and wedding invites that suit all tastes and budgets, our designer will assist you and keep you up to date with the process of your invites/cards. Our designer will keep you updated and ensure your happy with the final result of your invites/cards for your special day. At bespoke wedding invites UK we specialise in many multi-cultural weddings such as Muslim.

Written by Caitlyn King