How To Plan your Wedding

How To Plan your Wedding

How to plan your wedding, from when covid started to where we are now, a lot of couples have either had to cancel their wedding or postpone it to a better time, this has been quite a difficult time for couples.

With things slowly but surely coming to an ease, couples are starting to finally go ahead with their weddings. When it comes to weddings, planning your big day is one of the most exciting things you’ll do however it can also be quite stressful and overwhelming at times. In this blog will be some interesting insights and helpful tips on how to get organised for your big day.

How to plan your Wedding Day
how to plan your wedding day

Within the UK an average wedding can cost between £15,000 to £30,000. Now hearing that number can be quite a shock at first but when you really think about everything that is involved in making your wedding day perfect, you’ll come to realise its easier said than done. The most expensive item on your list is your wedding venue, followed by your honeymoon which I think many people would agree is where a lot of your money goes. Your other top costs are the food and drink and of course wedding rings. Most couples use their personal savings for their big day however some couples take out loans if they are unable to afford most of this with their own money.

Another item you’ll need to ensure you have is wedding guests. The average number of wedding guests attending a wedding is around 80 for the day, and 120 for the evening. When it comes to inviting guests for your wedding, your invites give an insight of your wedding day style, you will want people to fall in love with your attention to detail.

When it comes to wedding venues, barns and farms are the most popular for British couples. Many couples want to tie the knot in the great outdoors whereas some like to have their special day inside.

Overall, when it comes to planning a wedding writing everything you need to do for the big day down in a wedding planner will ensure you stay on track and are prepared before the day arrives, it’s better than stressing and being unprepared which I think any couple can agree. You and your partner have probably already discussed the kind of wedding you would like, this makes preparing the day a little easier. Selecting your wedding date as soon as possible would be beneficial as you and your partner may go back and forth as you will most likely pick a date in which all your friends and family can attend.

Every wedding is different no two are the same, at the end of the day what the bride and groom want for their day will happen, whether that be a small or big wedding. As long as everything goes according to plan then the couple has succeeded in making their dream day come to life.

Written by Caitlyn King